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-- Super Raffle --

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2023 Raffle

November 11th

in Arthur, WI

6:30pm . Doors Open
7:00pm . Meal
7:30pm . Drawing

... RULES ...

1.  Only 300 Super Raffle Tickets will be sold. All tickets must be paid by the end of September. Money for tickets not received by that date will be thought to be unwanted tickets and offered to the next person on the waiting list automatically.

2. Once the tickets holder is issued a ticket, that ticket belongs to the ticket holder every year for the cost of $50.00 per year. Each Super Raffle Ticket holder is entitled to bring an additional guest for the fee of $25.00, one per Super Raffle Ticket.

3. The ticket holder may decline the ticket without obligation; once the ticket is declined the ticket will NOT be reissued to that person the next year. The ticket, once declined, will be offered to the next person on the Super Raffle waiting list. The waiting list will be updated and held by the Super Raffle Chairperson.

4. The Super Raffle Chairperson shall oversee all operations, committees and raffles.

5. The Super Raffle will start at 7:30pm the night of the raffle date.

6. The winning numbers will be paid to the person whose name is on the Ticket ONLY!

7. Any Super Raffle person who is directly involved in the drawing of the tickets that hold a ticket in the remaining 10 tickets shall be relieved of their duties and a replacement will be appointed by a Super Raffle Committee member.

8. Any discrepancies the night of the Super Raffle must be decided by at least two (2) Super Raffle Committee members.

9. An entrance fee of $20.00 will be charged for anyone without a Super Raffle ticket, is not a guest of a Super Raffle Ticket holder, or does not have a VIP card.

 - - If you have any questions, please contact a

Super Raffle Committee Member:

Sarah Hake, Ryan Kuhls, John Kohlenberg --


Want to get on the Waiting List to be a Ticket Holder???

* Every year current Ticket Holders have the choice to continue or decline their Ticket, once declined it will NOT be reissued to them the next year.

* Cost $50.00 per Ticket, per year to be a Holder.

* Only 300 Tickets issued.

* A current Ticket Holder must decline their Ticket for the offer to be given to the next person on the Super Raffle waiting list.

* To get on the Super Raffle Waiting list either contact a Super Raffle Committee Member (Sarah Hake, Ryan Kuhls, or John Kohlenberg) OR send a message through this Website Contact form with your Name & Contact Information

* You do not have to be present at the Super Raffle to win, but it is more fun for everyone if you are!

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